Dr. Steven R. Pride

Scientist, Earth Sciences Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
Adjunct Professor
U. C. Berkeley

Using Seismic Stimulation™ in Fractured Shale

I do think that once a shale is fractured and you get the easy hydrocarbons out, that there will be hydrocarbons stuck in those fractures. Having seismic waves squeeze fractured rock results in large amounts of fluid movement and the potential for mobilizing the oil stuck (bypassed) in the fracture. So yes, I think fractured media is a great application for Seismic Stimulation™.

A.V. Pieroni

President and Owner
BTO Production
Wichita Falls, Texas

Delivering EOR – and Tax Relief

I read an article about ASR in the American Association of Petroleum Geologist publication "EXPLORER." The article pointed out that the ASR technology was the first Enhanced Oil Recovery technology in forty-two years to be effective and that the State of Texas would grant a 50% Severance Tax reduction for ten years to operators who used the technology and it proved to be effective on their leases.

Our company tried it and after a lengthy testing period during which we kept meticulous records the technology either increased production (sandstone) or stemmed the decline curve (carbonate) depending on the area of our leases we tested. Two of our several producing horizons from shallow (carbonate, less than 2000 feet) to our deeper zones (sandstone, to 4300 feet) responded as predicted.

ASR's projection proved accurate and they were instrumental in walking the data through the State in order to obtain the Severance Tax relief, which was approved in a timely manner.

We would not hesitate to recommend to producers in mature waterflooded areas such as ours to consider using ASR's technology to enhance their own production.